Letoya Luckett Covers Rolling Out Magazine

See what the 33-year-old had to say about her insecurities while in Destiny’s Child.

“I had things about myself that I [didn’t] like. I [would always say] ‘I wish I had this, I wish I had that.’ I used to have this thing about my legs. If you look at all of the Destiny’s Child albums from when I was a part of the group, you never saw me in a skirt. I was always the one who wore the pants, because I felt like my legs were too skinny.”

Letoya also gave some advice to the young ladies who are exposing themselves for the masses….

“With the younger gals now, because certain things are being celebrated, they feel they have to show certain things to be appreciated or liked by men.

I don’t think I ever found myself being tempted to just go crazy with it. I was dealing with self-esteem issues. I didn’t even wanna show my legs, let alone my butt and all of my goodies! There’s a certain time for that and only this many people should be lucky to see it: You, Jesus and a couple of other folks, but not the entire world. If you’re going to do it, let it mean something. Make a statement. Make it stand for something. Not just to be posing on your bathroom sink, doing a selfie with [your] stuff out!”

You can check out her full interview in the latest issue of Rolling Out on newsstands now.

Oprah Makes 60 Look Like The New 40 On The Cover Of ‘O’ Magazine’s May 2014 Issue

Look at what the media queen shared,

"I’m not one to get hung up on numbers, but if you want to say 60 is the new 40, I’ll take that. You can be and do whatever you want, thanks to exercise and hair color. Hair color: the greatest invention of all time for women. Thank you, Miss Clairol.”
About aging:
“The absolute best part is being able to be free and do whatever you want. There’s nothing better than that,” she said. “The hardest part is really recognizing the time that you’ve wasted and the things that you worried about that really didn’t matter. You regret the time that was wasted.“

The May issue of ‘O, The Oprah Magazine’ hits newsstands on April 15th.

Beyonce Covers Out Magazine, See What She Has To Say About Double Standards..

What Beyonce had to say about double standard in America when it comes to women expressing themselves as sexual beings.

"There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists. Men are free and women are not. That is crazy."

"You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist - whatever you want to be - and still be a sexual being. It’s not mutually exclusive.”

You can catch the full interview in Out Magazine later this month.

The Beautiful Naomi Campbell Covers And Tells Shape Magazine How She Keeps Her Body Tight

Check out 43-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell April 2014 Shape magazine’s cover and spread. She had to say this about her first Shape cover:

“I’ve been on almost every magazine in existence, but this is my first time posing for Shape, and I’m thrilled. Of course.  I wish I had done it when I was younger, but it’s an honor to be here at any age.”

“I don’t believe in starving myself. I’ve never done it, and I never will. I’m even more active when I’m juicing, doing both yoga and Pilates every day.”

“People told me that cigarettes are harder to quit than alcohol. I didn’t believe it, but you know what? It is harder.”

You can read the full article when it hits newsstands nationwide March 24.

Zoe Saldana Talks Being Lazy With Working Out And Eating For The Latest Issue Of The Edit

Zoe rocks an Alexander McQueen dress on the cover of Net-A-Porter’s The Edit. Inside the online magazine, Zoe admits that she’s been craving foods like “Chinese, pasta, rice, beans” more than she’s had the desire to work out, saying:

“I’ve been an active person my whole life,” says Saldana. “The past year has been the only time in my life that I haven’t been to the gym. I’ve been lazy instead of training for something and pushing myself….not because I am trying to be skinny. I just like to know how much endurance I have. But this past year I’ve let myself go.”

Zoe also talks about her private wedding to Marco Perego in the interview telling Net-A-Porter, “I’m not a private person, but I am discreet, so it felt right.”

Check out On Set with Zoe Saldana | NET-A-PORTER.COM

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